Kristin Hart

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About Kristin

Although I consider myself more of an introvert and a “homebody”, I can’t deny the magic of being able to get out and explore the world. Traveling has helped expand my mind and has helped awaken so many curiosities about the world. I am beyond thankful to have the opportunity to travel – it’s allowed for me to meet so many amazing people and experience so many new and interesting things that I would not be able to experience if I just kept to myself and stayed at home.

The beauty of working with Modern Travelworks is that I’m able to combine two things that bring me joy – traveling and helping others. My hope is that I’ll be able to help others experience the magic of travel, spark that curiosity of the world, and make wonderful memories that they’ll never forget.

A little more about me…

  1. My favorite destination is… Costa Rica! I still have so much more to explore but Costa Rica holds a very special place in my heart.
  2. My favorite drinks… spicy margaritas, mango margaritas, spicy mango margaritas, and then a nice glass of cold, lemon water to help recover from all of the margaritas.
  3. My heroes/role models… Betty White and Stevie Nicks.
  4. My recommended travel tip is… make sure you have enough storage space on your phone before you travel so that you’re not stuck having to free up space to take photos and videos throughout your vacation! Also, try to eat at least one food from the destination that you’re visiting that you wouldn’t be able to find at home.
  5. My favorite Pandora stations… Post Malone, Trevor Something, The Weeknd, Tame Impala, and Cannons.
  6. My favorite TV shows… The Golden Girls, King of the Hill, and Ted Lasso.
  7. My favorite hobbies are… playing video games, watching football, watching baseball, photography, and just hanging out in “nature” (i.e. the hill country).




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