Sherissa Tuttle

Wedding Specialist

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Office: (832) 369-2828 ext. 327

About Sherissa

Since I first started traveling outside the US in 2011, I have had the incredible opportunity to visit Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean multiple times. I absolutely love history! Being able to see and experience such old/ancient areas just takes my breath away. My husband and I always make it a point to never visit the same area twice, in order to experience as much as we can in our travels! We connect through each culture through food and drink, I am always willing to try a new food or drink at least once!

We are blessed with a beautiful son who shares in our love of experiencing new places and has been traveling with us since he was 18 months old.

I was introduced to the Wedding Travel world by my neighbor and good friend Itzel who recognized my love of travel, and the rest is history!

A little more about me…


  1. My all-time favorite trip has to be… traveling/driving around Italy
  2. My favorite travel memory is… drinking wine on the canals in Venice
  3. My favorite drink is… either Cabernet or Blanco Tequila with Soda water
  4. My favorite quote is… “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited of what could go right”—Tony Robbins
  5. My recommended travel tip is… Take a day to just explore.  No agenda, just get lost. Feel, smell, taste, touch, and experience.
  6. My favorite movie is… Robin Hood: Men in Tights. (Always makes me laugh 😃) or Love Actually
  7. My favorite actor/actress is… Matthew McConaughey, Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Sandra Bullock
  8. My favorite TV series is… Modern Family, Everyone Loves Raymond, Will & Grace, and Schitt’s Creek
  9. My favorite leisure activity is… reading a book or playing board games with friends.




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