Alysse Harrison

Independent Travel Advisor

Direct: 214-734-5027

About Alysse

Adventure has always been something that brings me great joy. Through traveling, I have had some of the greatest adventures (and some less great if we are totally honest).

My husband and I got married in 2013 and moved overseas in 2015. We lived in Luanda, Angola (Africa) for a few years and had many adventures. I think when you are totally immersed in a completely different world; it challenges you in ways you may have never guessed. My husband and I knew we loved traveling before that experience; but, we travel completely differently now. I love digging into the research and really looking for authentic experiences in all of the places we go. I look for encounters that are bold and life changing.

We have 3 beautiful children and love sharing adventures with them. I think it is so important for our children to really see the world: different cultures, people, ideas, ways of living, etc.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing tropical getaway or a fully immersive multi-destination trip, I would love to help your family make lasting experiences and memories!




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